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The effect of alcohol on the development of prostatitis in men

The effect of alcohol on the development of prostatitis in men

Prostate inflammation is one of the most common male diseases. In an effort to get rid of this ailment, it is necessary not only to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, but also to change your life by removing harmful habits. For example, you should think about how compatible prostatitis and alcohol are, you will have to give it up completely or not.

Strong alcoholic beverages

Depending on the amount of ethanol, alcohol affects the prostate differently. Strong alcohol will be the most dangerous. One of the components will be a toxic compound – acetaldehyde. It causes the following effects in the body:

  • rise in blood pressure;
  • change in normal metabolism;
  • destruction of nerve cells in the brain;
  • is the cause of hangover symptoms in the morning.

It is statistically known that if a young man was fond of strong drinks, the possibility of prostatitis increases by 30%.

If there are problems with the prostate gland, it is worth considering whether it is possible to drink alcohol with prostatitis. Specialists of the medical portal, note that after drinking “fire water”, well-being first improves, urination is facilitated. This is due to the relaxing effect of ethanol on the nervous system, a decrease in the tone of the vascular bed of the bladder, urethra.

After the transformation, alcohol excretion from the body, prostatitis and prostate adenoma worsen. Normal vascular tone is restored again, which leads to circulatory disorders. Acetaldehyde worsens cellular metabolism, as a result, the prostate swells and hurts after alcohol.

The influence of certain types of alcohol

Systematic alcohol consumption in prostatitis leads to a decrease in local immunity, hormonal imbalance, interferes with the normal absorption of vitamins, provokes the development of various nonspecific infections. All these factors reduce the effectiveness in the treatment of prostatitis.

Regular alcohol consumption in prostatitis leads to a decrease in the regeneration of damaged prostate cells, the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Is it possible to drink alcohol with prostatitis with a low alcohol content – in search of an answer to this question, it is worth considering different types of alcoholic cocktails.

Cognac or vodka

It is popularly believed that a high-quality strong drink (cognac, vodka, whiskey) is a safe, even useful product. However, with the phenomena of chronic inflammation, even a small dose can cause an exacerbation. The stronger the tincture, the more strength the body will need to detoxify it. Vodka in prostatitis causes the following effects:

  • activation of the excretory system, loss of fluid by the body;
  • violation of the water-salt balance as a consequence of dehydration;
  • relaxation occurs in the vessels first, later they sharply spasm.

This leads to a violation of blood circulation, metabolic processes in the gland, the outflow of lymphatic fluid and blood slows down. Therefore, a few hours after taking vodka or cognac with prostatitis, there is swelling of the gland, pain in the groin, pain when going to the toilet.


Beer drink is quite common, some men do not consider it alcoholic, they can drink a couple of glasses with friends. This misconception leads to the opinion that beer can be drunk with prostatitis. In fact, beer also contains ethanol, causes exacerbation in chronic illness, reduces the effect of medications used.

Abuse of this drink even in healthy men can provoke problems:

  • inhibits the synthesis of male sex hormones, stimulates the synthesis of estrogen;
  • leads to the formation of a female-type figure, the development of obesity;
  • causes erectile dysfunction;
  • worsens normal sperm synthesis, leads to infertility.

In chronic prostatitis or prostate adenoma, an enlarged and inflamed organ squeezes nearby tissues, which leads to difficulty urinating, inability to fully release the bladder. Drinking beer leads to an increase in the amount of urine excreted, which forces you to visit the toilet more often. In men with inflammation of the prostate gland, frequent urge to go to the toilet provokes increased pain, pain during urine separation.

Incomplete emptying of the bladder leads to the appearance of inflammation in it and the possibility of developing diseases of other organs of the genitourinary system, for example, kidneys. Exacerbation of the symptoms of inflammation of the organ leads to the appearance of night trips to the toilet, up to 10 times a night. If a man drinks foam in addition, the number of times will increase.

The ability of beer to inhibit the production of testosterone leads to insufficient synthesis of prostate fluid. As a result, there is stagnation in the prostate, the progression of symptoms of the disease.


It is believed that wine is useful for prostatitis, accelerates recovery. But this statement applies only to dry red wine of good quality. The opinion that homemade wine and prostatitis are compatible is not correct. Homemade wine has a weak degree of purification, it contains acetaldehyde and fusel oils. The combination of these two components negatively affects health, leaches magnesium from the body. This trace element is responsible for normal cellular metabolism and its deficiency negatively affects the male gland.

Natural, high-quality dry red wine has a number of useful components:

  • amino acids, vitamins, trace elements;
  • tannins, fructose, are capable of suppressing pathogenic microflora;
  • natural antibiotics – polyphenols.

Thus, this wine production has a good effect on the normal intestinal microflora, inhibits pathogenic E. coli, the most common causative agent of prostate infection.

Good dry wine can be consumed moderately if the disease is in remission. Fortified types of wine should be abandoned. If a man has a violation of the function of the cardiovascular system, an exacerbation of the disease can not drink wine.

Other prohibited beverages

Do not forget that not only alcohol and prostatitis are incompatible. Drinks that should also be forgotten when the disease develops are strong black tea, coffee, energy drinks, carbonated sweet waters.

Coffee has a bad effect on lymph and blood flow in the pelvic organs, can retain water in the body. This leads to the development of leg edema. If you can’t completely forget about coffee, it’s better to use it in small portions at the beginning of the day. With an exacerbation of the disease, it is worth refusing to take coffee at all.

Strong tea has a tonic effect on the vascular bed. It increases the volume of urine secreted, which also has a detrimental effect on the inflamed male gland. But tea also has useful tannins, which contribute to the normalization of prostate robots. You do not need to completely abandon the tea drink, you should drink it weakly brewed in small portions.

Energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, cause a violation of blood flow in the pelvic organs, increase inflammation. There are a lot of harmful substances in the composition, so they are categorically prohibited for people with inflammation of the prostate gland.

Sweet carbonated waters contain more glucose, flavorings and sweeteners. These ingredients disrupt the metabolic processes in prostatic tissues, thereby can cause an exacerbation of symptoms. To prevent this from happening, it is better to introduce a ban on sweet soda, replace it with ordinary water.

Lifestyle to improve men’s health

In order to avoid exacerbations of the disease, you should change your lifestyle, adhering to some rules:

  • balanced, full-fledged nutrition;
  • refusal of alcoholic and other harmful beverages;
  • regular exercise;
  • maintaining immunity;
  • regular intimate relationships.

When transferring nutrition to a balanced diet, the body receives a sufficient amount of nutrients, which contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the prostate. It is important to give up fast food, smoked products, semi-finished products, because there are a minimum of useful substances.

In addition to sports, you need to add special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This will improve microcirculation and lymph outflow from the affected organ, thereby reducing congestion.

It is important to take care of your immunity, because immunodeficiency contributes to the attachment of viral and bacterial agents to inflammatory processes. Immunity increases a balanced diet, as well as taking folk remedies, for example, tincture of echinacea. Hypothermia should not be allowed, this contributes to a decrease in local immunity.

Do not forget that the reason why the prostate hurts will not be removed only by giving up alcohol and leading a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to consult a doctor for tests, prescribing medication to prevent the transition of the disease to adenoma or cancer.

Permissible dose

No doctor will approve alcohol for prostatitis, especially for acute inflammation of the prostate gland or exacerbation of chronic. During treatment, alcohol is strictly prohibited, because the drug regimen often has antibacterial drugs. Simultaneous intake of alcohol-containing cocktails and antibiotics reduces the effectiveness of the latter, and also has a double toxic effect on the liver. Such treatment will be useless.

Prostate adenoma and alcohol are also incompatible, under the influence of the latter, already disturbed metabolic processes and stagnant phenomena are aggravated.

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